Structural Connective Tissue Stretching Method

The Typical Problem
People who have had Muscle Tightness & Pain
And have been Stretching, Getting Massage, Chiropractic, etc
& it doesn’t help much or it doesn’t last
Then they are not lengthening the fascia – systemically
- & not in the body’s front or legs.

What’s needed is
You need to spread fascia all over the body, not just locally,
to re-lengthen the "interconnected muscles"
& your top-bottom & left-right "zig zags"
THEN people get noticeable, fast, increasing & lasting improvements.

My Effective Solution
The KEY is to spread out the accumulated shortness, or bunch-up,
of the collagen fibers in the fascia parts of the muscles,
& the way to do this well is to lengthen small sections at a time,
going methodically along long lines of interconnected muscles.
My exercises teach this.
Easy to do, not straining, yet powerful good effects.


Structural Connective Tissue Stretching Method

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